October 20th, 2009

Hate on the Doorstep

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Watching BBC’s Panorama last night was like watching an episode of Traffic Cops, I sit there hoping the bad guys are gonna get it & swearing at them under my breath & gettign wound up by their actions.

Last night was the same, I just wanted to reach into the TV screen & grab the little shits by the throat.

“Hate on the Doorstep” was an undercover revelation about life as an Asian on an estate in Bristol. Two BBC journos posing as husband & wife were fitted with hidden cameras & filmed local youths racially abusing & assaulting them as they went about their business on the estate.

Residents of the Southmead estate are now up in arms complaining that the BBC has branded the whole estate as racist, when the truth was that the people responsible for the despicable behaviour shown to the participants were a small number of local chav-scum ranging from 11 years of age up to early twenties.The complainers probably missed the bits where the reporters pointed out the decent people they came into contact with including the man who intervened from his own house & stopped the 11-year-old robbing her.

I have dealt with pondlife like this as has every police officer in the country, for years, but it was no less shokcing seeing the kind of behaviour the journos were subjected to by people with nothing better to do that stand around street corners abusing members of the public. I have no doubt non ethnic folk in the area are target of similar behaviour, chavs like that know no better. Doubtless there are armies of hand-wringing, slipper-wearing liberals lining up the excuses for the poor dears as I type, but the bottom line was that the streets are full of evil scum, in just about every estate in the land. And the blame probably lies in more wide reaching parts of society & has done for decades.

ou can catch this issue of Panorama on the BBC iPlayer for the next 7 days

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