October 20th, 2009

Hate on the Doorstep

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Watching BBC’s Panorama last night was like watching an episode of Traffic Cops, I sit there hoping the bad guys are gonna get it & swearing at them under my breath & gettign wound up by their actions.

Last night was the same, I just wanted to reach into the TV screen & grab the little shits by the throat.

“Hate on the Doorstep” was an undercover revelation about life as an Asian on an estate in Bristol. Two BBC journos posing as husband & wife were fitted with hidden cameras & filmed local youths racially abusing & assaulting them as they went about their business on the estate.

Residents of the Southmead estate are now up in arms complaining that the BBC has branded the whole estate as racist, when the truth was that the people responsible for the despicable behaviour shown to the participants were a small number of local chav-scum ranging from 11 years of age up to early twenties.The complainers probably missed the bits where the reporters pointed out the decent people they came into contact with including the man who intervened from his own house & stopped the 11-year-old robbing her.

I have dealt with pondlife like this as has every police officer in the country, for years, but it was no less shokcing seeing the kind of behaviour the journos were subjected to by people with nothing better to do that stand around street corners abusing members of the public. I have no doubt non ethnic folk in the area are target of similar behaviour, chavs like that know no better. Doubtless there are armies of hand-wringing, slipper-wearing liberals lining up the excuses for the poor dears as I type, but the bottom line was that the streets are full of evil scum, in just about every estate in the land. And the blame probably lies in more wide reaching parts of society & has done for decades.

ou can catch this issue of Panorama on the BBC iPlayer for the next 7 days

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  1. Blueknight says:

    I saw the programme as well and I can say that the behaviour of the chavs in Bristol Southmead was no different to what I saw and heard about on my beat.
    We had several that were the spitting image of the little yoblet that threatened the woman with the brick.
    MTG, painful viewing certainly, but this behaviour goes on day in day out on sink estates.
    The thrust of the programme was that it was racial. It was in this case but for these kind of yobs, racial abuse is just another convenient insult. The Fiona Pilkington story is a classic case in point.
    When I was serving we had Beat Officers that would sort out all the crime and problems of a particular area. It was an uphill struggle but we had some good results, putting the worst offenders away.
    The problem is that the main offenders are juveniles, aged 12 to 17yrs and they are dealt with lightly by the Courts.
    Did the yoblet who tried to rob the woman by threatening her with a brick ever get to Court and if so what happened?

    October 20th, 2009 at 23:08

  2. Sierra Charlie says:

    I didn’t see the programme I will try and catch it up on iPlayer. I have not dealt with any racist incidents, but I was surprised the first time I had to deal with some kids (11-15) who were being pretty horrible to a similarly aged boy just because he was quite effeminate.

    For people who live in nice bubbles, programmes exposing what it can be like “out there” must be pretty shocking. The more “reality” people see, the better IMHO.

    October 20th, 2009 at 23:38

  3. Tony F says:

    Missed it too, but I am sure it will be stamped out by some politician trying to pretend that it isn’t representative of any where else, and that it’s all rosy in the garden.

    As for ‘reality’, everyone’s reality is getting pretty screwed up. Personally I blame the parents. Only it isn’t just them. Have you noticed, that with the advent of portable communication equipment, the less we actually communicate?

    In the past, when even going to the next village took a full day and you either worked or died, people did communicate. Even after the advent of the train people communicated (“Why have we stopped Again??” “Dunno mate…could be signalling?”) But people bothered, and in doing so, the country started to form a national spirit, the very ‘tribal’ nature of certain areas started to thin as people moved around. (The area I came from had a strong dialect, but with radio and telly, this is very much watered down now.) back then, only ‘serious and sensible’ people and politicians had the ability to broadcast their views, helping to knit the country together. I know it was a form of censorship, but nevertheless it seemed to work.I think that from that, especially now that anyone can say their piece in a very public manner but, to bring it to our swamped attention, have to add more and more spin. Most people need to be led, they need a firm hand, to be told ‘No’. We are regressing to the trees, screaming futilely at each other like monkeys, and not listening at all.

    October 21st, 2009 at 16:13

  4. Steve (Former DC with West Mids) says:

    A combination of factors have been conspiring through the years to conceal the truth of social decay from the wider public.

    I agree with Tony, it starts with the poor example and influence of parents and peers. We have a section of society that are a spoiled generation, encouraged to believe you can say and do what you want as long as you don’t get caught and that’s ok, regardless of how many victims you create and hurt.

    Can it be co-incidence that things seem to have worsened particularly over the last ten or so years? In all sectors of society it seems, the politicians in charge have failed the public. The Criminal Justice System is just one example of how they have fouled things up. Implementing performance targets and politically correct cultural projects in the health, education and justice sectors, creating box ticking over paid senior managers, whose priorities are meeting targets instead of playing their part in righting wrongs.

    This was management of the remotest kind, the type that watches Rome burn whilst appreciating the beuatiful sounds from their particular fiddle.

    This country needs a radical shake up and set of ruthless reforms to drag the standards back up to an acceptable level and stop the rot. Anyone with decent moral standards and codes of personal ethics need have no fear of such reforms. It is only those without a moral compass whose actions upset the status quo that should fear the consequences.

    Whether the Tory “Government in waiting” with their social reform policies will do the trick I don’t know. Their pledges seem down to earth and promise a lot of pain before common sense is restored. But it sems that this is what we have come to, the country needs to know what the front line coppers deal with every day moreso now than ever.

    I had to smile when I saw the launch of the 43 police force recorded crime mapper super site yesterday. Apart from the fact that it collapsed under the pressure throughout the day, the national reports we extricated from it suggest that overall crime in the last three months is down 7%, robbery down 7%, vehicle crime down 18% and burglary down 5%… Considering the Home Office confirm that only 38% of crime is reported, it seems to make the new site worthless.

    Worthless unless you think of who benefits from headlines that tell of crime reduction… manufactured, misrepresented, fudged, whatever… only one group of people stand to gain from such deceit – a Government fighting for its right to keep their noses in that trough.

    And whilst all this spin and bulls**t is being spread, it’s you poor buggers who deal with the front end consequences and face the gruff beating with the performance stick when they system they created falls on its arse.

    The general public don’t know how bloody lucky they are. They see these programs depicting the our decaying country and convince themselves it’s not on their doorstep. I was in the job in Birmingham, adjacent to our mates in the black country. (They are the ones with the really broad accents!) I remember controlling and trying to pass jobs over to them. The favourite reply was “Tae on wee” meaning “it ain’t on our patch son”.

    Seems like the public have the same view, thinking “tae on wee”, switching off the telly, dreaming sweet dreams whilst the front liners deal with the sh*t.

    October 21st, 2009 at 20:05

  5. Civ_In_The_City says:

    Steve said: “We have a section of society … (who) believe you can say and do what you want as long as you don’t get caught”.

    Which is why ministers are still in the sh*t about expenses. They are supposed to lead by example in a good way, not by demonstrating how to ‘game’ the system for maximum personal gain.

    It`s not the money, it`s that their rule book is (and was) very very clear about the SPIRIT in which claims could be made, the PURPOSES and REASONS for which it was legitimate to claim.

    It did not list a menu of cash values allocated to ‘curtains’ or ‘gardening’ or ‘moats’ so they could claim the maximum allowed for everything.

    Bleating that £1200 of gardening was approved but they are having to return £200 quid is like turning up at Wimbledon for a Wembley Cup Final. Grass? Yes. White lines on all sides? Yes. Round ball going back and forth? Yes. But still the wrong place, at the wrong time, and the wrong game.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    But I digress. Shocking as the Panorama program was (thoughts of drive by shootings came to mind) a few other points came to mind.

    1) The hypothesis of the programme seemed to be “I wonder if an ethnic minority couple will experience racism if we send them somewhere that S.A.R.I. tell us is a hotspot of racism?”.

    Three words: Not. Rocket. Science.

    2) This also seems part of a 2 week campaign by the BBC to whip up lots of hysteria about racism in preparation for that BNP chap appearing on Question Time.

    3) I want to hear Nick Griffin because it`s less offensive to hear what he has to say than have someone tell me I CAN`T hear what he has to say. I doubt he`s going to employ any of Derren Browns T.V. hypnosis tricks to make us all more racist.

    4) Lastly. It just brought home again how out of touch the BBC and the London-centric media are.

    October 21st, 2009 at 23:01

  6. Mike says:

    Just watched it on the iplayer… I’ve never wanted to go chavscum hunting so much in my entire life. Honestly, if I could have reached through the screen and taken some of those little shits by the throat, I would have done. I’m fighting back the urge to drive 45 minutes to Bristol and do some severe damage to some of them. I can only hope that some suitably militant Muslim groups go on a day trip to Southmeade and lay the smack down.

    October 22nd, 2009 at 11:25

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