October 17th, 2009

When Photocopying goes bad

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The Crown Prosecution Service usually come in for a lot of flak from police officers. Forget all the cases which go through smoothly, end up at court where the evidence is presented perfectly & a just outcome results, we don’t talk about those, we talk about all the cock-ups, the unreasonable expectations placed on us by the service, the jumping through unnecessary hoops, the refusal to prosecute & the poor performance in court.

Sadly, there is usually a lot to talk about with the CPS.

Five men from Walsall will be feeling quite grateful to the CPS for all the wrong reasons. They were arrested over a pub brawl back in April. The CPS were preparing papers to take them to the Crown Court.

When the case arose at a magistrates court in the West Midlands, CPS lawyers had to admit that they had not gotten round to making sufficient photocopies of the case papers to give to the defence.

Their excuse for not preparing the case properly in the six months since the offenders were arrested was that the person responsible for photocopying hasd been off sick. They asked for a further adjournment (the case had already been adjourned five times) but the magistrates declined the application & discharged the defendants.

Another victory for justice.

If only things like this were rare.

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