October 13th, 2005

Tomorrow’s Customers

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I was out cycling today. Just a little 7 miler at a reasonable pace.

About half a mile from the house I went under a railway bridge. I could see before I got there a group of people hanging around under the bridge.

My first thought was that they were some of the usual crew who were waiting for a gap in witnesses before adorning the walls of the bridge with their usual brand of  poorly written grafitti. I was wondering what I’d do if they actually sprayed while I was there and remembering that my mobile was on charge back at the house.

As I got nearer I could see two boys aged no more than 5 who were standing on the railings looking towards me. A drunken women in her early 30s was crouching beside them with an open bottle of red wine in her hand. I think she was trying to have conversation with them but was too drunk to form any kind of coherent English sentence.

Further under the bridge were two women, I use the term loosely, in their mid to late 20s dressed like Essex Chavs.

As I got within a few yards, the boys, one white, one mixed-race, started saying ‘pig, pig, pig’ at me.

Just to make it clear, it wasn’t the ‘pig’ as in they knew what I did for a living, it was ‘pig’ as in they know it’s pretty offensive to call someone a pig but they don’t quite dare use the same language as their mothers.

The women I took to be the mothers were doing the “she goes, he goes, she goes, do you know what he said next, like, yeah right” only it took them three times as long to say it as it just has for you to read it because every other word was an f*** or a c***.

I guess I’ll be retired by the time those boys start getting arrested, but my younger colleagues will meet them sooner or later – guaranteed.

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