June 3rd, 2007

Not the Nine O’clock News

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It seems the police aren’t the only ones these days with targets which do more harm than good. How else to explain the actions of council wardens in west Sussex.

57-year-old grandmother, Barbara Jubb was pushing her granddaughter in a pram when the 20-month-old, Emily, dropped her bag of Quavers. 

Dutifulyy, Mrs Jubb picked up the bag but 2 quavers fell out onto the path. As it was raining the Quavers started to disintegrate & that’s when Mrs Jubb made her fatal error; instead of disposing of the 2 errant Quavers in a responsile manner, she kicked them into the gutter there to dissolve into small-snack heaven. 

Fortunately for the local council bean-counters, two eagle-eyed councl wardens were on hand to issue an £80 fine for litter. Another triumph for truth & justice.

The grandmother was last seen leaving the town centre trying her best to avoid picking up further fines for ‘walking on the cracks in the pavement’ & ‘looking at people in a funny way’. 

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