September 24th, 2009

I’ve heard it all now

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Did you see The One Show tonight? Bloody hell it nearly had me in tears. Some detectives were moaning about the  poor working conditions & why they thought there were so many vacancies in CID.

It was presented by some ex-CID guy who now does a bit of media stuff & was an investigation into the shortage of detectives. I’d like to point out to the lovely Christine that moving from uniform to a detective role IS NOT a promotion, you numpty. As someone who spent 30 years by choice in uniform it really winds me up when people think that sticking on a Marks & Spencer suit is a promotion, it’s not; it’s like moving from the checkout at Asda to the fish department, except you don’t work nights or get spat at  & punched so often. (maybe that’s just my local Asda though!)

Apparently, the reason people don’t want to go to CID is because they handle tough cases, work long hours & don’t have the same chances for overtime as uniform, to which I would say – my arse.

You can catch The One Show – episode 24/9/09 for the next seven days on iPlayer & the relevent article is the first item on the show.

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