September 16th, 2009

Beat you to it

Posted in The Job - General by 200

One of the headlines this week on the front page of the Daily Telegraph read, “Claim back holidays lost to illness, rules Europe” & quotes what it calls a ‘landmark case‘ at the European Courts of Justice.

The ruling was that an employee who is sick whilst on leave from work should be entitled to claim back the leave at a later date.

Is it just me because I thought we already had this entitlement. I’ve not used it myself but I know of colleagues who have fallen sick on a leave day & claimed it back, I have no idea how long we’ve had this entitlement but as far as I can recall it’s quite some years.

So I wondered whether this is official employment law in the UK already, whether it’s just my outfit, public sector workers or what. Surely the UK can’t be ahead of the European game?

Can anyone enlighten me?

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