May 13th, 2007

‘Ear, ‘Ear

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I won’t let it be said that this once great nation is truly on its knees, not when shining examples such as that demonstrated this week by Sussex Police can still be found.

Showing their determination to be the best amongst the best, Sussex claim a UK record… for giving away tax payers’ cash.

This particular story relates to an incident in 2002 when police dog Bruce & handler PC Pete Tattum were called to a disturbance involving youths with knives & bottles in Brighton.

On their arrival, one youth, then 14, made off, refused to stop at the dog handler’s request & was then caught by police dog Bruce, who managed to bite off part of his ear. There may be some who say that the lad in question should be compensated for losing a small part of his anatomy but I suspect many more who say ‘tough, that’s what happens when you choose to flea from the scene of a crime & ignore requests to stop from a dog handler.

Fast forward to 2007 where the Sussex Police legal services department deliver a wheelbarrow full of cash to the hapless 19-year-old with something less than two full ears. £42,500’s worth of cash, to be precise, in an out-of-court settlement.

Get raped, stabbed or put in a coma & you’re lucky to be awarded 50 pence out the poor box but flea a knife fight & get captured by a police dog & the world’s your oyster, who said Britain doesn’t look after its own?

Police Dog Bruce was put down as a result of the incident after then Assistant Chief Constable Nigel Yeo described the animal as a defective piece of equipment which should be disposed of if it goes wrong.

In a crushing irony Yeo left the job to take up a highly-paid position as a regional director with… the RSPCA!

I think the recipient of all that lovely tax payer’s lolly was lucky just to lose part of his ear. I think the dog should have gone for the bollocks. It may have ended up costing us a bit more but would have reduced the amount of future yobs by a few.


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