May 6th, 2007

What’s Good for the Goose…

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I suppose every job has sits own stresses. The Control Room is no different.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know there will be little sympathy for those of us with shiny arses sitting round on the internet all day & ignoring the radio, but I have to speak as I find.

I know there’s stress up here; I keep seeing female comms ops bursting into tears.

You can see it happening as it builds up. usually after a telephone call or radio message you hear a well known term or phrase, usually goes somelike like "wanker!" or "lazy wanker!" You hear the unmistakable sound of phones being slammed into cradles. Snorting through the nose, comments like "I fucking said ‘stand by!" said to no-one in particular. Then comes the sound of swivel chairs being pushed away from desks, headsets being slammed down on desks swiftly followed by the sounds of women running out the door in tears.

You can tell a woman has run out because queues of other women including women supervisors, start to form desperate to follow them out to make sure they’re OK, make them a cup of tea, give them 15 minutes to ‘cool off’. Suddenly hald the desks are bereft of staff and those that aren’t assisting are talking about it.

One of my male colleagues was under some pressure two weeks ago during a high speed pursuit on the motorway involving another force, helicopters, dogs and traffic. The Ops Room Sergeant (female) was butting in to try and talk about an unrelated matter and was given a terse response but the operator who was clearly under a little stress at the time. Two civilian supervisors (female) commented that the male op shouldn’t be allowed to get away with talking to the Sgt like that and he was hauled into the Inspector’s office for a bollocking.

Perhaps he should just have burst into tears instead.

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  1. any unit to deal says:

    How true it is…. I think the problem is that they hire young females. Generally get an old (45+)bird in and she will work away like a trojan. Get a young dolly in and she will burst out in floods at regular intervals… Sad. It has to be said though that training does not help.
    Training – “take this call from your colleague, they will be polite,pleasant and give you all the relevant information you need”
    Reality – Take this phone call from the local scrote. They will abuse, shout and swear at you. When you ask them for relevant info they will increase the previous and go on about their mate. gently persist and they will treat you to the old pay your wages etc etc
    When the newbie arrives to get the taste of reality they are shocked and they just collapse. Don’t even mention the ear bashing they get from the officer on the street that has attended the non-crime that they saw fit to put as an Immediate call……

    July 5th, 2007 at 16:58

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