August 17th, 2009

Police Prove they ARE Racist

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In news which came as a shock to no-one, the police proved beyond all doubt that everything everyone said about them being a bunch of racist thugs is all true.

In the leafy lanes of Essex this week a motorist was stopped driving his Ferrari in an area where lots of houses had been burgled & high-power, high-value cars had been stolen.

Inspector Knacker-of-the-Yard, said, “In an attempt to solve crimes where high-powered, high-valued cars are being stolen by criminals who break into high-value homes & nick the car keys, we have been patrolling the area of the burglaries trying to catch these evil crooks stealing these high-powered, high-value cars. Unfortunately, a black bloke was driving a Ferrari and as most black blokes in Ferraris are drug-dealing gangster-thieves, we naturally stopped said car.”

He added, “We will, of course, be paying an undisclosed sum of cash to the gentleman in question as we realised after we had stopped him that he was not a drug-dealing gangster-thief, just a simple multi-millionaire who thinks he should be allowed to break the speed limit & not be banned because he is famous. Clearly, an error was made & we are sorry that we tried to solve some crime & catch some car thieves when really what we should have been doing was attending Black History seminars.”

The gentleman in question’s solicitor,  Nick Freeman said: “At worst, it smacks of something far more sinister, which can only add weight to growing concerns that they are being vindictive and my client is being harassed. Mr Defoe was stopped for no reason after leaving his mother’s home. Coming as it does, just three days after announcing he is to claim damages from the same force, it leaves the police with some serious questions to answer.”

An Essex Police spokesman said: “Police in the Epping Forest area have been running Operation Phobia, which is aimed at tackling domestic burglary in affluent areas, and the theft of high value cars. As part of that operation officers stopped a black Ferrari in Manor Road, Chigwell, at 2314 BST on Sunday. They satisfied themselves that all was in order with the car and driver, and it continued on its way.”

So, that’s the serious question dealt with, next?


The driver was Tottenham footballer, Jermaine Defoe who drives very fast & gets caught. He had a driving ban suspended while his solicitor tries to get him off with it but was arrested on suspicion of disqualified driving before the ban was put in place. He said he had decided to sue Essex Police three days before the stop-check mentioned above.

What I would give for Defoe to have his mansion broken into & his Ferrari to make off past the entire traffic department who later announce that they didn’t want to stop it in case they were accused of racism.

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  1. the_leander says:

    I’m not really one to defend the police in recent times I have to say. (Having them repeatedly lie to the public via press release in big cases irritates me)

    But in this case… I’m sorry but it smacks of playing the race card, which hurts everyone. I’m sure that there are cases of DWB (driving whilst black), but the question then is simple:

    Of those stolen cars that were stopped, how much of a percentage of those caught were black?

    I’ll also echo the sentiment at the end of the post. A fitting reward for pulling a stunt like this.

    August 18th, 2009 at 02:13

  2. Linda Baki says:

    This is what makes me mad and proves my point. Only this time it was toward the police who I see he intends to sue, with the help of his solicitor “Mr.Loophole”….any damages he receives he will give to charity….I hope he gets a big juicy fine and any money that goes to charity will be from Defoes pocket…He needs bringing down a peg or two and fast…Saucy Git

    August 18th, 2009 at 15:01

  3. Jabadaw says:

    Sad to say that sometimes the excuse “You’ve only stopped me because I am black” has been uttered in my direction from time to time. On one such occasion my riposte was, “I only saw red and blue” This hushed the driver for one brief moment and I went on to explain that I saw the traffic light change to red and then saw a blue car (his car) drive across the stop line in contravention of said red light. I had no idea as to whether the driver of that blue car was even a male or female never mind the colour of their skin until I had stopped him. (The car had tinted windows.) Even though this particular encounter ended with me handing out an FPN for running the red light, This person actually apologised to me for making such a fatuous comment!

    It would be summary justice in a way if Mr. Defoe’s car was stolen and indeed drove past a load of police cars. Perhaps Essex police should release figures as to how many white skinned drivers they had stopped on the same day.

    August 18th, 2009 at 15:11

  4. Same Old Faces says:

    Another good example of a footballer thinking he is above the law. Defoe falls into the same catagory as Joey Barton, Craig Bellamy etc etc in that had he not been able to play football, he would probably be in jail.

    Unfortunately his ridiculous footballers wages makes him believe he is worthy of special treatment.

    As for Mr Loophole… what a leech. Why does this raise serious questions Mr Loophole? The explanation is simple so stop jumping on the bandwagon!!!

    August 18th, 2009 at 17:01

  5. Tom Gane says:

    It is sad when a young man who purports to be a role model, descends to the ‘race card’ in an effort to avoid the consequences of unsavoury behaviour, despite constant references to his upstanding moral conduct.

    A somewhat rotund friend of mine was stopped yesterday (17/08/09) riding his aged moped at 45 mph in a 30 mph limit. He was late for work, and was promptly stopped by Kent police. Rather than accuse the police of being ‘fattest’ he surrendered his licence on request, and apologised. He was in his own words treated ‘well’, and took the three penalty points and fine without complaint.

    He has three jobs to support his family. He works at a food stall, and helps at weekends to run a bouncy-castle. In the interim, he will tidy your garden and any handyman work to support his partner and two boys.

    He is only concerned to be a role model for his two boys. Now at this stage if you need to put two fingers down your throat, then do so. But when I suggested that he and I form the ‘chubby and bald jewish philately society of Great Britain, the humour eluded him. Essentially, attempting to evade his liability was not the way to go.

    August 18th, 2009 at 17:21

  6. nj says:

    This is so unfair. How can be some other people be so mean. I think that something must be really done to put a stop to this.

    April 8th, 2010 at 06:47

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