February 22nd, 2007

Ooh Er Missus…

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So it appears I’ll be finishing my career in the same way I started.

When I got back from training school – we had them in those days – I was too young to be allowed out on the streets. Apparently, you needed to be six weeks prior to your 19th before you were foisted upon the general public. So I spent my first few weeks back from Training School in the Control Room.

I say Control Room, it was just a room with a single radio console, a telephonist (7am-midnight), the Enquiry Officer & a Station Sergeant (who also looked after the prisoners). So there was me and the Sergeant in the Control Room, every station had a control room. I knew absolutely nothing & was responsible for answering the radio & giving out the jobs and writing up the results of the jobs on an A5 pad of printed paper – there were no computers in those days. Everyone took turns on the radio.

I’m now back in the control room only it’s a little bit different now. It’s a big room with lots of people, mainly female, most of whom are known as ‘support staff’.

I’m not used to working with women. We didn’t have any on my last shift. Before that we only had 1 or 2 max. My eyes are opening to the mechanics of a female-dominated society. I must be really niaive because I’m quite shocked at the language and the topics of conversation. I thought it was just blokes that talked like that & discussed those subjects.

Going from a testosterone-fuelled atmosphere to a female-centric one is something of a culture shock.

I may never recover.


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