July 30th, 2009

The Terrible Teens

Posted in The Job - General by 200

Another example of how society is riven with scum.

A woman, her husband & two young children were out watching the latest Harry Potter movie in Leeds. The lady had cause to ask a group of teenagers to be quiet.

The group verbally abused the family on their way out of the cinema. Nothing particularly unusual there, sadly.

The family then went for a meal in a nearby restaurant. During the meal, two of the group from the cinema came into the restaurant & threw bleach over the woman’s head & back. She was treated at hospital for burns.

Being told to stop talking in a cinema & being abusive in return is one thing, but what have we come to when groups of teenagers think it entirely acceptable to go off, locate a weapon & attack a woman while she is eating in a restaurant with her young family risking permanent injury, for what?

Call me old fashioned but isn’t this the kind of thing which is indicative of a society who for some god-knows-what reason decided that people should no longer have to face consequences for their actions?

They often say that society gets the police force it deserves. I sometimes wonder whether society gets the teenagers it deserves.

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