July 29th, 2009

More Arse about Face

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As well as blogging every single day I’ve been instrumental in others blogging lately, Hero Police & Tough Judges (a reasonably anti-police blog) was struck to write a post this month based on a comment I made on his website & Twining was so moved to post something in regards to yesterday’s post about Pc Grewel.

Bless Twining, as with some posts over there I read them & I’m still not entirely sure what he’s saying. I’ve read this or two or three times, I think he’s putting a view in support of the officer who has taken the Met to tribunal for compensation & won (partly).

I think Twining is saying that you shouldn’t compare having the piss ripped out of a black person with having an arm blown off in a war zone. Yep, they are certainly different kettles of fish but at the end of the day you start off with a perceived wrong and end up with money to put some right to that wrong. It is therefore entirely probably that people will draw parallels & see that if having your feelings hurt is worth some financial compensation, having a leg blown off should have compensation commensurate with the damage done on a similar scale. Currently, this does not seem to be the case in modern Britain.

I’ve also had some further random thoughts on this level of money-grabbing (and yes, I do see such cases as an easy way for some people to make cash.)

There is no personable responsibility, we all know this, in modern Britain. So if you go for a job which you cannot cope with, the answer is to sue the employer for failing to protect you against your own inability to extend yourself to the requirements of the job. Not everyone can cope with every job or task, yet our blind slavishness to the ideal of equality fails to recognise that actually, we are not all equal. I cannot jump very high. I do not demand that I be given a job to jump over tall objects when there are sufficient people with jumping skills to do the job.

I’m assuming the ‘perpetrators’ in PC Grewel’s case were white. I’d want to know how many black, Asian or other ethnic minority students have ever been in these people’s charge & how long they have been doing the job. If they are racist & religionist, why hasn’t this come to light before now? Surely a racist is a racist & will behave in the alleged way, how have they been hiding it before PC Grewel came on the scene?

It’s interesting to note that the officer brought 17 separate charges against the Met, all but two were dismissed.  You’d wonder at the efficacy of bringing a criminal trial with a result of 15 not guiltys & 2 guiltys. The tribunal found she was subjected to unlawful racial victimisation when she was told others laughed at her behaviour during training. Sorry, but a 5 figure compensation sum for being told others laughed at her is just crazy. It might not be the kindest behaviour but surely asking them to stop would be a whole lot cheaper than a court case & thousands of pounds compensation.

The officer went on to make a complaint at a different training centre against different staff, which formed part of her case at tribunal.

The money paid to the officer does not come from the Metropolitan Police, it comes from the tax-payers of London. If she gets £10,000 that’s £10,000  extra the tax payers will have to find, or £10,000 less value they will get for their hard-earned tax dollars. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful gesture if the recipient said, actually, it’s not about the money & gave it back to London’s tax-payers?

I once worked with an Asian lad. He was fucking useless. How the hell he got through the interview I’ll never know. He could not write a legible English paragraph, he had no bottle & he did not learn despite being taught several times by different people. He was not going to make a copper as long as he had a hole in his arse.

While several white officers in the same division were asked to leave under the failing to make the required standard, this officer was transferred to another division & given further chances, where he was found to be just as useless. Eventually he was asked to resign. He took the force to an industrial tribunal on the grounds of racial discrimination. Fortunately, the tribunal agreed that he was sacked because he was rubbish not because he was Asian.

It cuts both ways. There are some racist officers, there are also some Black & Asian officers who do not deserve free cash during the course of their employment.

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