July 27th, 2009

Just going Code Three

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Working in a call centre where your toilet breaks are recorded on a database, no not some slave labour outsourced  unit somewhere in Asia, but the Metropolitan Police Control Room in Lambeth.

A recent order states that staff must record all toilet breaks as a “Code Three” (whatever the hell that is) in a bid to minimise the amount of time away from the desk/telephone.

Superintendent Russ Hanson-Coles, said: “Staff in this environment have regular breaks that compare very favourably with outside industry so the need for extra personal breaks should be minimal.” Blimey, he should come & have a look at our control room where the only breaks you do get are toilet breaks.  A couple of toilet breaks in a shift of 10 hours where you don’t get your dinner break until you’ve done 8 hours on some occasions are the only breaks form the stresses & strains of shift.

I expect what they are really saying is, we’ve cut the staff down to the absolute minimum such that we cannot afford to have anyone away from their desk for any amount of time whatsoever, even if the whole shift turn up for work & some aren’t on leave or sick, so if we make them record their toilet breaks it will somehow shame them into not taking them & we can get a few minutes more productivity out of them, which will save us having to employ any more of the menial little buggers.

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