July 22nd, 2009

Top Tips for Commenters

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In a few weeks time I’ll have been blogging continuously for four years, for two of those years I’ll have posted a blog entry every single day.

In all this time I have not given any tips to readers who wish to respond to my thoughts & musings, so by absolutely no public demand, here are 200weeks’ top tips for commenting on this blog.

  1. You don’t have to agree with me, if you do that’s great, it reinforces how right I usually am. If you don’t that’s even better as I like a good argument.
  2. There is very little likelihood that I will have the time or the inclination to enter into an email debate with you. If you are concerned about revealing your email address when you post a comment, just make one up, nobody checks.
  3. Related to 3 above, if you want anyone else to read your comment it’s possibly best not to put an email address such as ‘deathtoallcoppers@gmail.com‘ or something equally as pathetic.
  4. Don’t call yourself ‘CopKiller’ or some other completely unattainable personal dream nickname. You’re not fooling anyone, you couldn’t kill a light much less a cop. Just shut your bedroom door & do something more productive instead, like having a wank, but make sure mummy’s gone shopping first.
  5. If you want your post to be read by me, that will happen automatically. Since I have yet to reach the levels of replies of certain other police bloggers, I can & do read every comment.
  6. If you want to post a link to illustrate your point, it’s best just to post one link per comment. Any more & my spam filter thinks you’re trying to get me to buy Viagra or visit a porn site. As a married man I might have plenty of use for the latter but absolutely no use for the former. If you have several links, put them in separate comments. (it also makes it look like I get more comments than I do)
  7. Don’t begin your masterpiece with ‘now listen, you prize arsehole…‘ Whilst I have been called much worse in my time, it is my bat & my ball & starting off with an opening phrase like that isn’t likely to get you into my good books.
  8. I don’t generally delete comments, even ones I don’t agree with. If yours doesn’t appear & it hasn’t fallen into the categories mentioned above, you’ve probably tripped my spam filter. I have little control over this as I don’t understand it. If you’re having problems commenting you can always contact me via the email address on my About page & I’ll ask someone who knows about these things, if I can find anyone.
  9. Do post comments. Comments make me feel important & give me a warm feeling inside & they also help you avoid doing something important at home which you’d rather put off anyway.

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