July 15th, 2009

Bloody Neighbours

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After a particularly busy & stressful shift, I like nothing better than driving home & rehearsing all the evil things I’d do to the sergeant who has spent all day winding me up, then arriving home to find some bloody neighbour has parked their bloody car in front of my bloody house.

Another 15 yards & they could park in the open parking area which the street kind of uses as an overspill, but clearly the answer to not being able to find a space outside their own house, is to save themselves the bother of walking the extra 15 yards by parking so that I have to park further away; instead of just one family being inconvenienced, two are.

What is so frustrating about it is you can’t do anything about it; their vehicle is taxed & insured so they’ve as much right to park outside my house as they have.  But it’s sooo bloody un-neighbourly.

This is just about swallowable when it is neighbours on the same side of the road as me, none of us have a garage so we have to park in the road, but it’s bloody infuriating when it’s the people on the opposite side of the road who have both a garage & a drive & could choose to park two vehicles off the road but choose to park outside my bloody house because their garage is filled with shite & they can’t be arsed to walk either.

The thing is, I just have to swallow it & imagine sneaking out in the middle of the night to stick a tactical nuclear missile up their exhaust, much as the imaginary torturings I’ve had of the  sergeant who sits on his arse all day finding fault with my logs & the way I do my job.

Gets me nowhere but provides a release-valve.

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