January 23rd, 2007

You Weren’t Bothered Then, Were You?

Posted in The Job - General by 200

Is Celebrity Big Brother the biggest waste of space on the planet? (or does that title go to the Home Office?)

I have never watched it due to the fact that I actually have a life, despite appearances. I suppose it’s unfair for me to comment on whether the behaviour ‘in da house’ last week was racist or not &, to be honest, I couldn’t give a flying f***. 

There must be a few folk down Hertfordshire Police way rubbing their hands. Wouldn’t you like to get that gig? I mean, they could write you off from arsehole to breakfast time while you travel the length and bredth of the land taking 30,000 meaningless witness statements.

I’ll never fathom out the interest in a bunch of has-beens, or worse, never-beens with little or no redeeming features sitting on their fat arses slagging off each other. If I wanted to listen to such shite I’d volunteer for the next call at work, and the next, and the next.

I went to a job where four white lads were kicking seven bells out of an asian lad in the town centre on a saturday afternoon. Guess how many of the people standing by watching until the police arrived actually witnessed the incident? Exactly, none!

Over 30,000 people complain about some meaningless drivel on the TV. God the UK public sure know their priorities.

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