June 29th, 2009

Open Door Policy

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Ahmed Daq, aged 32, is a failed asylum seeker from Somalia. He has been held in detention since 2006 pending his removal back to Somalia. He had 18 convictions between 1998 & 2004 for offences including robbery, assault & burglary – quite the sort of person the UK normally welcomes with open arms (except if you’re a Ghurka in which case they have to take the government to court, etc etc)

That was up until last week when Deputy High Court judge John Howell released him from detention – on bail – because the Home Office are taking too long to remove him from the UK. The judge said ‘There is plainly the risk of him reoffending, but the type of offence he may commit is not in my judgment of the most grave kind, though serious they undoubtedly are.

The judge accepted that there was a risk that Daq would commit further offences if he was freed.

I don’t know who is worse in this case; the government for taking so long to kick an undesirable out of the country, or the judge for putting the rights of a violent offender above the rights of his next victim.

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