June 21st, 2009


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The 200weeks Scum of the Week award goes to James Connors, 18, James Thomas Connors, 20 & Jerry Cassidy, 29 all from Middlesex.

These low-lifes were responsible for more than 70 distraction burglaries where they tricked their way into elderly  folks’ houses & stole money & valuables amounting to some £70,000.

This week they appeared at Winchester Crown Court where they were each sentenced to 10 years imprisonment .

Their M.O. Was to pretend to be police officers or from the water or gas boards, gain access to an elderly person’s home & once inside they would steal what they could find.

One such victim was 88-year-old Kathleen Renham. The men posed as police officers & once inside her home they ransacked her bedroom before stealing £600 from her purse. She died a few months after. Her daughter said “How can they do it to people like that who are elderly? I think it had a serious  effect on her health . It wasn’t  the bubbly mum that we knew anymore, but she could have gone on had she not been stressed by this.”

Another victim was 91 year old Alathea Tyler who had £700 stolen.

The gang were eventually nicked in a stolen car in Scotland.

The distraction burglary is most common among Irish travellers & many offences involve unnecessary violence against frail old people who have been seriously injured at the hands of some pretty appalling scumbags who target some of the weakest & most vulnerable members of society, people who could do nothing to protect themselves.

One victim suffered a heart attack after being lo ked in her own room & 5 died shortly after becoming victims of the gang.

Once inside their victims’ houses, they often threatened them with a wooden truncheon into handing over cash & valuables.

During one burglary they took a pensioner’s £20,000 life savings & on another they took as little as £5.
The detective in charge of the case suspects them of maybe three times the amount of offences they have been charged with. He described them as violent & threatening who “displayed no  sense of shame for what they did, & remained callous & unapologetic throughout.”

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