June 17th, 2009

More on Nightjack

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My vistor count doubled yesterday as a result of the info about Nightjack being outed by the Times. (sadly, everyone is searching for Nightjack rather than 200weeks)

I was no. 2 on Google for “Nightjack” due to a previous article, now I’m relegated down to 8 or something as it seems the blogosphere is alight with murmerings on the High Court decision not to protect the anonymity of police bloggers (or is that all bloggers, I don’t know)

If you’re interested, you can see the court judgement at the British and Irish Legal Information Institute.

There’s not too much so far on the police blogs but everyone else is discussing it. Dan Collins, publisher of the books by PC Copperfield, Inspector Gadget & PC Bloggs has an interesting article. While Hopi, Iain Dale,  Chicken Yoghurt, are all concerned. I’d also recommend reading Random Acts of Reality’s piece.

Nightjack himself today publishes an article on the Time Online explaining the story of his blog which ends in a humble apology to his employers for the damage, if such damage was done, to the reputation of his employer.

Ironically, Sean O’Neill, writing in the Crime Central section of the Times, says he has mixed feelings over the exposure of Nightjack by on of his own colleagues. Obsolete, points out the hypocrisy of the Times in their decision to hound & expose Nightjack.

Police bloggers don’t set out to damage the reputation of their constabulary, they do it to tell the stories the public should know which, if they used more ‘acceptable’ means would get them disciplined under the cloak of bringing the service into disrepute. The real people bringing the service into disrepute are those who lie or cloak the truth for the simple reason of making out things are better than they are.

In my own little protest I shan’t be purchasing the Sunday Times any more.

(if there are any Times journalists reading this, please note, I am no longer a police officer)


The Guardian appears critical of the Times’ decision to out Nightjack

See a video on the thoughts on the BBC website of the director of the Orwell Prize which Nightjack recently won.

Google News is showing about 140 news stories on Nightjack’s outing & 14 stories on the death of PC Philip Pratt  this week

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