June 15th, 2009


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Headline footage today of officers in Nottingham trying to to detain someone who they have tasered. I saw this as one of the main stories on the BBC 6 O’clock News this evening & then watched the footage further into the news programme.

This is a man who caused so much trouble that bouncers at a nightclub had to call police. On arrival the ‘victim’ assaulted a police officer to such an extent that they were GBH’d and put in hospital. Other officers deemed it necessary to taser the man & one was seen punching him.

Clearly, what they should have been doing was allowing the male his civil right to GBH any other officer too. Strangely, the footage of the male’s violence pre-arrest either wasn’t recorded or hasn’t been released. Funny how we rarely see footage of violent thugs GBH’ing police officers but see the resulting ‘police brutality’.

I saw this on a day when the death of a police officer serving his community in Kent appears to have gone by with just a sideline on the BBC News website. 26-year-old PC Philip Pratt was struck by a vehicle & killed while trying to put a diversion on at the scene of an earlier RTC.

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