December 3rd, 2006

Headless Chickens – Result

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I reported back in May on the story which hit the national press of offciers and civilian staff in Hertfordshire getting in the doo-doo by forwarding inapropriate emails.

Six months on it seems that Hertfordshire have concluded their ‘speedy’ investigation into the matter by reprimanding and warning various members of their staff. 

Amazingly, the Black Police Association, who intially seemed very happy with the tack taken by the constabulary in question appear to have rescinded their initial backing for the force. Not happy that police officers have been ‘let off’ with being investigated and disciplined, they BPA trotted out theor spokepersons to spout their outrage that these officers weren’t sacked for racism.

As previously mentioned, the email in question depicted a man who had made off from police and met a rather gruesome end, the fact that the male in question was black, was of no relevance to the ‘crimes’ that the officers who forwarded the email committed. However, the BPA announced that this was a racist incident and only by sacking officers can the public’s confidence be reinstated. Of course, the BPA did not go into any details as to why this particular matter was racist; they don’t have to, the social engineers behind the BPA and indeed, the heirarchy of the modern British Police have deemed that they need not do so. They are able to say it is racist merely ‘because  it is’.

It appears the heirarchy of Hertfordshire police don’t agree with the BPA and have handed out what most sensible people would consider a proportionate response.

I don’t for one minute suppose the BPA’s response is based on anything to do with them  exaggerating the amount of racism within the UK police and thus justifying their continued exisetence. Sadly, any good work thay might do is forgotten when they spout off about racisim where none exists.

Turkeys voting for Christmas, anyone?

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