November 17th, 2006

Another Brain of Britain

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In our force, we decided quite a few years ago, not to attend Road Traffic Accidents/Collisions* if nobody was injured and the road wasn’t blocked. The thinking went that in the vast majority of cases, nobody could prove beyond reasonable doubt any fault/cause of the accident, few people were getting prosecuted & we were basically doing the insurance company’s work free-of-charge.

We quite often get motorists ringing the Old Bill, only to be told over the phone that we’re not really that interested, get your insurance company to sort it out. People do get upset – sometimes understandibly – that we won’t come out, measure the road, fill in a report & agree that the other driver was driving like a tool and should be dragged to the nearest magistrates court. Occasionally, if a caller in such a situation shouts loud enough, the control room sends a unit anyway, despite it being against force policy to attend.

So I had to laugh this week when we dealt with a damage-only RTC (RTA)* to find that we were only being sent on the insistence of one of the parties who had his front wing damaged by another motorist. No, we aren’t recording it and no we’re not going to apportion any blame, and make sure you exchange details, oh and you do have a full licence, don’t you…you don’t, oh dear, provisional only…hmmm, is that the Norwich Union?, we’ve got Mr Arse here, did he say he had a full driving licence when he sorted out his insurance cover with you?, what, he did? Oh dear… hmm sounds like a deception here… taxi for one to the cells, sir?

Some people haven’t got the brains they were born with.

* – Road Traffic Collision (RTC) used to be known as a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) but we can’t say ‘accident’ anymopre because ‘accidents’ don’t just happen; someone is always at fault, therefore it’s not an ‘accident’, apparently.

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