November 17th, 2006

Another Brain of Britain

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In our force, we decided quite a few years ago, not to attend Road Traffic Accidents/Collisions* if nobody was injured and the road wasn’t blocked. The thinking went that in the vast majority of cases, nobody could prove beyond reasonable doubt any fault/cause of the accident, few people were getting prosecuted & we were basically doing the insurance company’s work free-of-charge.

We quite often get motorists ringing the Old Bill, only to be told over the phone that we’re not really that interested, get your insurance company to sort it out. People do get upset – sometimes understandibly – that we won’t come out, measure the road, fill in a report & agree that the other driver was driving like a tool and should be dragged to the nearest magistrates court. Occasionally, if a caller in such a situation shouts loud enough, the control room sends a unit anyway, despite it being against force policy to attend.

So I had to laugh this week when we dealt with a damage-only RTC (RTA)* to find that we were only being sent on the insistence of one of the parties who had his front wing damaged by another motorist. No, we aren’t recording it and no we’re not going to apportion any blame, and make sure you exchange details, oh and you do have a full licence, don’t you…you don’t, oh dear, provisional only…hmmm, is that the Norwich Union?, we’ve got Mr Arse here, did he say he had a full driving licence when he sorted out his insurance cover with you?, what, he did? Oh dear… hmm sounds like a deception here… taxi for one to the cells, sir?

Some people haven’t got the brains they were born with.

* – Road Traffic Collision (RTC) used to be known as a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) but we can’t say ‘accident’ anymopre because ‘accidents’ don’t just happen; someone is always at fault, therefore it’s not an ‘accident’, apparently.

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  1. PCSO says:

    I’ve always wondered how the hell people are able to get insurance cover when they have lied about having a full license.

    Surely this could be rectified by giving DVLA record access to insurance companies.

    With things like ANPR it’s criminal to suggest people without full licenses, in some cases no license at all, being able to get fully comprehensive insurance cover.
    Then have a minor accident and the insurance company pay out, with no repercussions, just ridicules.

    November 18th, 2006 at 01:57

  2. Sierra21 says:

    This reminds me of a time we received a call from an irate and belligerent young man stood outside the closed police station (it was after midnight) demanding an officer NOW to report an accident. (Mummy and Daddy had obviously instilled in him the sense that we literally were servants of the public).

    Begrudgingly we returned to the station for such an obviously urgent incident, or was it just that the annoying little sh*t wouldn’t get off the phone to the operator. Interestingly, his story was a car had come out of no-where whilst he was going round a roundabout, collided with him, causing damage to his mother’s car that he was driving and the offending vehicle had disappeared into the night. He rattled off a list of demands; an accident report for the insurance company; a full investigation to commence immediately; someone to call his mummy to say it wasn’t his fault.

    However for him it all went downhill from there. The accident damage (a slightly dented front wheel arch) had occurred on the offside of the vehicle. Clearly the mystery car that had hit him whilst he was on the roundabout must have joined the roundabout pirouetting in front of him, hitting the driver’s side of his car then continued its artistic manoeuvre out the other side of the roundabout. Either that or our valued customer was telling a few porkies.

    Whilst trying to get to the bottom of this, it became obvious that little Johnny had had a few sherberts before driving to the police station to report this Jackanory story. One positive breathalyser test later and our ‘victim’ now changes his customer status to ‘offender’.

    The moral of his story is when you’ve been out to the pub with your mates, had a few too many to drink and end up driving mummy’s car into a post, don’t turn up all bolshy at the local nick expecting Dumb and Dumber to be on duty, who’ll wipe your arse and send you to bed with a cup of coca telling you everything’ll be alright, ‘cos the reality is you’ll be banned for 18months and not be able to afford car insurance for anything bigger than a Sinclair C5 for the next 15 years. Just go home, sleep it off and fess up to mummy in the morning.

    November 18th, 2006 at 11:48

  3. ordinary bloke says:

    as far as i understand it way over 50 % of folk tell lies in their car insurance proposal form, normally underestimate their miles, or claim to garage it when its normally on the drive

    November 18th, 2006 at 23:41

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