November 3rd, 2006

Blog Updates

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Having mentioned in previous posts about Police Blogs closing down or being forced to close down, it’s now getting like London buses. In my usual trawl of the blogs I’ve come across  a few new ones and also a couple which are older but which I hadn’t heard of before. Here is a list of ones reasonably new to me:

Unfortunately, design-wise, all the above are hosted with The last one on the list is a WordPress blog so looks a little different from all the bog-standard looking blogs above.

Does anyone know what the score is with Blues & Twos? I submitted a comment asking whether the blog was independent or part of Police Oracle (a commercial business police oriented website) and they declined to publish the comment or reply to me. Just wondered….

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  1. Blues And Twos says:

    Actually I couldn’t be arsed spending the time replying to your comment. It wasn’t that friendly and a bit rich coming from someone who has their blog hosted on a police999 subdomain.

    I see you’ve done your best trying to piss off the other police related blogs too. I’m sure that’ll encourage them to link back to you and grow your blog traffic…. NOT!

    What are you after? A bit of ego massaging? Your blog looks really lovely, I really think the design change is fantastic, did you do it yourself or did your mates at Police999 do it for you?

    I post on police related news topics because I choose to cover my backside and protect my pension. Police Oracle is the only police news aggregator worth bothering with – therefore it’s the one I choose to comment on the most.

    Bet your colleagues can’t wait for the 200 weeks to be up – have they got a tally sheet up in the pc’s writing room?


    November 17th, 2006 at 02:26

  2. 200 says:

    But you can be arsed to come here and post a comment.

    Sorry you thought my comment (which unlike with yours on here, you declined to publish) was unfriendly, it was simply a question as to whether you were independant or another part of the money-making venture that is Police Oracle, since there are so many links back and adverts to their seedy money-making ventures – date-a-copper? please!

    Thanks for the comments on the blog design, yes I did it all myself, aren’t I clever!

    I’m not trying to piss-off police blogs, I’m merely commenting on how bland blogspot designs are.

    Has Police Oracle got permission to rip off all its news from the Guardian yet?

    I may be a twat but at least I’m not trying to make cash from anyone who chooses to visit my blog by hoping they’ll ‘date someone in uniform’ or buy one of those shite ‘how to become a police officer rip-off CDs’.

    Oh, by the way, you still didn’t answer the question about whether you’re independant, never mind.

    November 17th, 2006 at 04:33

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