November 5th, 2006

A Day in the Life

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Just for a change I thought I’d show you a list of typical jobs we deal with. The following is a precis of all the jobs created durting one of our late turn shifts recently.

  1. Suspicious male hanging around some flats – Area Searched No trace (ASNT)

  2. Dispute between neighbours – crimed criminal damage (arrest to follow)

  3. eBay deal gone wrong – advised civil matter (sue them if eBay doesn’t help)

  4. Nuisance motorcycles – ASNT

  5. Nuisance motorcycles (different area) – ASNT

  6. Neighbour throwing items into neighbour’s garden – both parties advised to grow up

  7. Mini motos made off from police – ASNT

  8. Witness summons for Crown Court – person advised to go to court on the due date

  9. Nuisance motorbikes – ASNT

  10. Male told passer-by they’d been beaten up, blood on face – no trace of this person

  11. Nuisance motorcycles – ASNT

  12. Domestic – no domestic, couple just being loud

  13. Found toolbox, inft thought may be from burglary – property collected

  14. Text messages from ex-boyfriend wanting to be accepted back – Fixed Penalty issued for misuse of communications

  15. Damage to fence – youths mde off, not traced

  16. Suspicious male taking photos of a building – ASNT

  17. Nuisance kids abusing garage staff – left prior to police arrival

  18. Assault – victim refused to assist police or provide details, not crimed

  19. Nuisance motorbikes – ASNT

  20. Fight between males – ASNT

  21. RTC (Road Traffic Collision) – serious injury report taken

  22. Office burglary – crimed

  23. Parking dispute – advised someone to move their car

  24. 12-year-old missing person failed to come home after school – came home 2 hours later before we arrived

  25. Arrest enquiry for previous assault – not home

  26. Mugging, knife used, cash stolen – crimed, no trace of offender

  27. Leak causing flooding to flat below – forced entry, water turned off

  28. Security guard at shop assaulted – 1 arrested for ABH

  29. Arrest enquiry for previous domestic assault – male arrested

  30. Complaint about historical rape 20 years previously – passed to force where it occurred

  31. Broken Down vehicle – assisted traffic control while HGV repaired

  32. Fight – 2 arrested

  33. Theft from vehicle – ASNT for offenders

  34. Broken Down Vehicle – moved prior to our arrival

  35. Customer refusing to leave takeaway – customer advised to leave takeaway & then did

  36. RTC – damage only, no report taken

  37. Neighbours smoking drugs – intelligence submitted, no further action

  38. Concern for Welfare, female with special needs – female conveyed home

  39. Request for backup to Ambulance – backup provided, no incidents

  40. Damage to garages – no damage found (spooky how often no damage is found on these jobs!)

  41. Negative breath test

  42. Son causing problems at home – parties calmed down no further action

The above is a simple outline of what one shift did last week. Some of the jobs lasted merely a few minites, some lasted an hour or more. All the jobs were done by one shift which included 1 double-crewed car and 4 single crewed cars plus a few PCSOs and covered two reasonably sized towns. A double crewed car with Specials assisted for the last 4 hours of the shift. Although I said it was typical, it does vary from day to day, sometimes there is more disorder, sometimes more complaints about motorcycles, sometimes more arrests than this day.

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