November 1st, 2006

Now that’s Value!

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The Daily Mail reported this week that the Met have spent £450 million in the last three years on “Equality & Diversity”.

This includes all the training every employee has been made to attend. It won’t cover the national bill for diversity training which will obviously run into many millions more. I’ve mentioned previously how, in the last few years, I have had more diversity training than law training. In one set of training I had to take a small exam at the end to prove I knew the legislation which covers the people who build police stations and their rerquirement to include disabled facilities such as ramps and lifts. This has come in very useful to me as I go from job to job telling people they shouldn’t call each other rude names, which makes up a significant proportion of my job these days.

Much of this several hundred million of tax-payers cash will have been totally wasted in provision of training seen by a large proportion of those who undertake it as demeaning, irrelavent & condescending, consequently officers failed to take in anything which might actually have been important (if there was anything). We have several thousand employees in our force, all of whom had to attend the same 2-day course (supervisors had a 3-day course), much of which was spent by drawing Blue Peter-type posters outlining what ‘diversity’ means for us. If I wasn’t getting paid £15 an hour to do it, I’d have laughed. Actually, I think I laughed anyway.

The joke of the whole article was that despite the masses of money spent on diversity & equality; the number of complaints of a racial discrimination nature made against officers by other officers & the public rose by 24per cent.

 I expect the Met’s Social Engineering Directorate will all be sitting round congratulating themselves over money well spent.


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