April 15th, 2009

More G20 Tomfoolery

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I hope you’re not getting bored of this. I picked this up another website & thought it deserved another airing.

The below shows the kind of thing the police have to put up with. The ‘brave’ freedom fighters who only want to save the planet charging a thin line of officers as they bravely throw bricks & bottles. Note the particularly brave one with the long stick who bravely tried to batter police officers over the head – and succeeds in one case.

Clearly, everyone in this shot is either a police officer or a social studies teacher all clamouring to shake each other’s hands & shoot the breeze over how each is being shafted by Mr Barclays, RBS & Mr Lloyds.

In another vid, another brave crowd who face maybe 30-40 officers. Note how they bravely lob barricades into the police line & promptly run away when faced with the prospect of having to face their actions.

But let’s not jump to conclusions, perhaps the guys with the barricades were merely assisting the police in the relocation of a system to assist in the queue for the toilets. The fellows with the long poles perhaps were merely taking part in a public art demonstration of peaceable Japanese Kendo.

After all we wouldn’t want to convict anyone by merely watching some dodgy YouTube clips…unless they’re a police officer, of course.

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