April 15th, 2009

More G20 Tomfoolery

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I hope you’re not getting bored of this. I picked this up another website & thought it deserved another airing.

The below shows the kind of thing the police have to put up with. The ‘brave’ freedom fighters who only want to save the planet charging a thin line of officers as they bravely throw bricks & bottles. Note the particularly brave one with the long stick who bravely tried to batter police officers over the head – and succeeds in one case.

Clearly, everyone in this shot is either a police officer or a social studies teacher all clamouring to shake each other’s hands & shoot the breeze over how each is being shafted by Mr Barclays, RBS & Mr Lloyds.

In another vid, another brave crowd who face maybe 30-40 officers. Note how they bravely lob barricades into the police line & promptly run away when faced with the prospect of having to face their actions.

But let’s not jump to conclusions, perhaps the guys with the barricades were merely assisting the police in the relocation of a system to assist in the queue for the toilets. The fellows with the long poles perhaps were merely taking part in a public art demonstration of peaceable Japanese Kendo.

After all we wouldn’t want to convict anyone by merely watching some dodgy YouTube clips…unless they’re a police officer, of course.

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  1. Stuart says:

    What a load of pathetic turds.
    “Lets throw metal baricades…then when the police come near us we’ll run away!”
    Pieces of crap…they all deserved a good batoning.

    April 16th, 2009 at 01:19

  2. Boy on a bike says:

    I noticed that when the “ringleader” tries to stir up the Police, there is another protester filming him from the left. The bloke with the pole runs in behind the camera man, presumably so he won’t appear in the shot. If the Police then charge, they can cry “unprovoked” why they post their version on Youtube.

    April 16th, 2009 at 03:27

  3. Shackleford Hurtmore says:

    Yes, absolutely, these people aren’t walking slowly on their own, facing away from the police with their hands in their pockets. They certainly aren’t demonstrating peacefully. So, arrest them for something. They deserve it, and should have their day in court with the accompanying incriminating CCTV footage. I trust the magistrates will come down hard on them, as they aren’t dole-scrounging drug addicts.

    I have a lot of respect for the hard work that the police do, against the tidal waves of political correctness, paperwork, tax-funded-workshy-retards and lifeboat policy making. I also can’t believe how you all let yourselves get shafted out of a legitimate pay award.

    I still have a problem with the Ian Tomlinson thing. Yes, he was being a dick. But until there is a new offence of “being a dick in front of a police officer” with an on-the-spot fine of being “pushed over”, what happened was out-of-order. If it goes unchallenged, what’s to stop it being me or you next time? I assume you don’t wear your uniform 24/7.

    I know you’re not all fascists. And I know you’re not all angels either. You need way more support from the public and the government to be able to do your jobs effectively. The media should stop showing half the evidence to make a biased case, but you could help by not giving them the evidence in the first place.

    April 16th, 2009 at 08:51

  4. Anon says:

    Presumably the Police in the second clip are trying to disperse the crowd? But the tactics they are using went out with cavalry charges……oh no, you don’t still use cavalry charges do you?

    In the clip we see the police advancing, offering close quarter contact, gaining ground, then retreating, giving up the ground gained; then advancing… then retreating. All very tiring, and very dangerous. Yes, one officer was hit on the head with a long pole: that wouldn’t have happened had you used different tactics.

    British police tactics seem to be to bottle up the crowd, and then police, even though hopelessly outnumbered, attack the same crowd. Just what is the crowd to do in such circumstances? It can’t disperse because it has been “kettled”. Such tactics cannot be an effective way of dispersing a crowd, if that was in fact the intention. Crowds invariably outnumber police; using those tactics, eventually some individual police officer will tire, or slip, and get cut off. What happens to him then? Close quarter combat is dangerous to all involved.

    British police need to update their tactics to provide better protection to officers and to deal more effectively with disturbances. In particular any use of force must have a legitimate and clearly declared objective. Where I work we clearly declare our intention and direct the crowd to disperse, clearly stating that we will use force if that direction is disobeyed. We then encourage the crowd to disperse along a route or routes. We cover those routes with appropriately equipped officers.

    Yes 200, I am willing to discuss proper tactics, if it will be considered constructive.

    We start with keeping the crowd at a distance.
    We tell the crowd clearly to disperse, setting out the consequences of disobedience.
    We encourage dispersal.
    And (this is important) we give them a route to disperse along.


    P.S. Your spam filter still seems set to block me, so I’ve had to change my IP and email addresses.

    April 17th, 2009 at 08:09

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