October 30th, 2006

‘kin Wasters

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What is it about certain youth groups today and their complete disregard for the needs of others?

There is a growing trend of some teenagers who seem to think they have the right to do exactly what they please, when they like, no matter who they piss off. Others in the blogging world refer to them as the ‘underclass’. I prefer to use less indirect terms and refer to them by what they actually are; fucking scum.

You can recognise them because most of them wear hoodies & baseball caps, they talk as if the person they are standing next to is in the next estate, half of them last set foot in a classroom when they were 4 and ‘respec’ is a word to be uttered when they touch fists without actually knowing what it means.

They are completely lawless. Being antisocial is a badge of honour. Anyone who is double their age or older is referred to as ‘what you fuckin’ lookin’ at?’. They can’t spell ‘projectile’ but they can lob them, usually at other people’s cars or windows. Their parents, if they have them (although not usually more than one at any time), universally haven’t the faintest idea where they are or what they are doing and most of them don’t care or see that as a problem.

They’ve gotten away with it for so long they feel they have the right to do it. They talk a good game. That is to  say, they have all the mannerisms and can abuse anyone, at a distance. The thing is, if you actually stand up to them or even go on the offensive, they shit themselves. They are simply, all mouth.

Most people blame the parents. I have a different theory, I blame everyone else. That is everyone who walked past them and said nothing, everyone who left it up to someone else to ring the police, everyone who failed to stand up & be counted, everyone who shut their door and pulled the curtains. Everyone of those have, over the years, given these scumbags the implicit right to behave in the way they do. Nobody stops them, nobody told them it wasn’t acceptable.

I’m not usually one to support violence, but I’d make an exception in their case. If someone was out in the street drawing on the wall, I think residents should be within their rights to go out, pick them up by their bollocks and drag them out of the street with a warning that next time they try it their bollocks will be remaining on the wall while their arse flies across the road into the next street. If someone asks me what I’m fucking looking at, it would be the last thing they said that evening due to spending the rest of the night picking grass, mud and dog crap out of their teeth. If one resident goes out to them of  an evening it ought to be law that every other resident in the whole street must provide backup. If they damage a wing mirror, we should cut their trainers, sports shirts & hoodies off their bodies, go round their house and smash every window and then set fire to their bedrooms.

You see, you’ve only got to do it once (OK maybe twice for the really stupid ones) and they’d stop. It’s only because nobody stops them that they continue.

Next time you’re tempted to walk the other way or turn the TV up to mask the noise, just remember that you are helping the rest us to maintain the cycle of being victims to this lawless scum. Now I’m not actually suggesting that anyone goes out and commits a criminal offence, I’m using it as an illustration of the frustrations that thousands, maybe millions have. I’m lucky, I get a lot of pleasure showing people like this the error of their ways, it’s really great fun. As for anyone else who doesn’t get the pleasure of locking people up, there are very very few occasions when you can actually do nothing, yet that’s exactly what most people do…


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  1. Paul says:

    “Now I’m not actually suggesting that anyone goes out and commits a criminal offence,”

    Sorry, 200, you talk a lot of sense normally, but this one is your fault. Not you personally, but you Police Service.

    I’ll tell you what happens if you confront them. They do nothing ; they laugh at you.

    However, if you do something that could be deemed in any way threatening – for example telling them to “oh f**k off”, the Police will be down on you like a ton of bricks. This example (based on a real case) is not a one-off it is apparent policy, based on a “the child never lies” mentality that has been prevalent for years, and “child” covers anything up to 18 year old yobs.

    Try being a teacher for a while, 200. Try working under a system where an accusation gets you suspended for months while the Police desperately try to ferret out anything they can, and then being effectively unemployable because some copper writes “accused of assault” on a CRB form.

    As an example of the blatant desperation for ‘conviction at any price’, I offer you Pamela Mitchelhill.

    Accused of assaulting a child, the child refused to complain in any way despite being asked TEN times to do so, and ended up volunteering to be a defence witness. The sole evidence was someone “thought they saw something through a window”.

    This is one of the worst examples. The common factor to all of them is the Police willingness to believe any tale, however ridiculous, however contradictory, whatever the motives and ram through a prosecution at any cost.

    So, no, no-one will intervene.

    And it’s YOUR fault. Who gives “these scumbags the implicit right to behave in the way they do”

    You do – by going after anyone who tries to do anything about it.

    October 30th, 2006 at 20:04

  2. 200 says:


    thanks for the comment.I take your point. Therein lies the truth behind the reason why many of us ‘police-bloggers’ blog – because we don’t agree with a system which forces us to adopt policies such as that which you describe.

    It’s a system so rabid with political correctness that gone is the concept of the ‘right thing to do’. One of the greatest tenets of policing in this country has always been the officer’s discretion. This has been completely undermined by a system which is now based purely on figures.

    But you do miss an important part of my post. Whilst I would love people to go out and confront some of these little shits, and I understand why many people won’t, there are other alternatives which don’t put anyone at risk but still give a message that normal people aren’t prepared to put up with it all.

    The simplest might be an anonymous call to the police, complaining to your local divisional commander/chief constable about the lack of action, letters to your MP, complaints to the schools, the education authority’s truancy officer, etc etc

    And, just out of interest, I know of several people who have confronted some of these little bastards and they literally have shit themselves. They more often than not turn out to be just like the school bully who nobody had the bottle to confront. There are several ways to skin a cat.

    October 30th, 2006 at 20:32

  3. Paul says:

    200, there’s a lot of truth in that, and as you say they are cowards. I appreciate that these days our cops have little or no room for maneouver.

    However, scaring them would be viewed as ‘abuse’ as well. You’d be amazed (or maybe not) at what *is* classified as abuse.

    Yes, they might not do anything about it, but they might make a complaint about you and if they do you are in deep doo-doo. You don’t have to actually *do* anything – there doesn’t have to be any kind of damage (and some are well capable of bruising themselves and then saying you did it), and sadly there are too many in the Police Service desperate to believe it.

    Your list will sadly get responses varying from waffle about how crime is down to zero, or ‘not our problem’.

    The huge advantage you have as a Police Officer is that your word will be taken (usually) as a factual description of what happened. For the rest of us, especially those who work with the young, it’s the complete opposite ; you basically have to prove yourself innocent, which is almost impossible, and even if you do it is bye-bye career.

    I personally know four people this has happened to – none of whom have ever been charged with anything – and I don’t know that many people.

    The bad news, 200, though not for you as you’re fairly close to retirement, is that it’s going to get worse. There are more of them, they’re younger, and they’re worse behaved.

    October 30th, 2006 at 21:37

  4. bj says:

    yea try getting involved and watch as

    i) they nick your car that night
    ii) local cops do nothing, despite it being fairly clear who nicked it
    iii) or you get injured and no support

    you think the support for a copper who gets injured helping the public is bad? see how much worse it is for everyone else

    October 31st, 2006 at 00:02

  5. Paul says:

    I think you’re a bit hard on the coppers. The problem is that our Police Officers are overworked and undermanned, and vastly outnumbered.

    The sad thing is both are avoidable. A lot of what Police Officers do appears to be bureaucracy for the sake of it, and there are far too many of them squirreled away in Offices or in Special Units that come out and do stupid things that backfire on the poor s*ds who do the real Police work.

    Also, the likes of 200 Weeks don’t make policy. They do what they’re told, and they’re …. well threatened I suppose if they don’t.

    If they apply common sense which isn’t force policy with a successful outcome then they’re far more likely to get into trouble than if they apply the policy and its an absolute disaster. They are also subjected to pressure to meet the pointless targets or scams of the week from the centre which means vast amount of time is wasted pursuing pointless nonsense to get (say) a detection.

    The whole of the public sector is run like this ; it is micromanaged into the ground, the idea being that it maintains “standards” as everyone does the same thing.

    Problem is, the people who decide what is done have no clue about what the job in question (be it cop, teacher, doctor or nurse) is like.

    October 31st, 2006 at 10:06

  6. 200 says:


    I hear your frustration and I guess there is a story behind your comment. I may be guessing out of line here but I’m going to suggest that the ‘despite it being clear who nicked it’ is another way of saying ‘but there wasn’t actually any evidence’ which is another noose with which the police get hanged for ‘doing nothing’ despite the fact that there is no actual evidence to ‘do something’.


    Yes, to a certain extent I agree, but there are always far more limiting factors on the police & say, the teaching profession which don’t always apply to Joe Soap.

    For instance, if the police want to set up video surveillance to gather evidence of this anti-social behaviour & damage we have to jump through all sorts of legislative hoops. If you want to video them, no problem.

    I suspect that your point about it getting worse may be correct, which is why if people just sit back and do nothing it will do exactly that. Sure there are changes which should be made in policing scumbag youths but society can’t leave it to the police alone, not without it becoming a police state.

    October 31st, 2006 at 16:34

  7. Paul says:

    Absolutely. The Police can’t do it alone. However, while the view that “the child should be protected at any cost” continues, then nothing will be done ; no-one dare.

    The public don’t want freedom to whack children at will ; just something of a balance. At the moment it is ridiculously over to “save the chillun”.

    The “chillun” includes 17 year old thugs, of course.

    October 31st, 2006 at 17:22

  8. SWR says:

    I hate these scum aswell,not only is my local town infested with these scumbags,they also live accross the road infront of my house.You see them in town doing the WBig Bollock” walk and spitting everywhere,they know they are untouchable and the law is behind them 100%.If I had my way I would get a lynch mob together and spend a few nights out with baseball bats and balaclava’s.Unfortunately I’m to ill to do that.I’m not an old fart,I’m only 30,but as you say,I dont know why they think they have the right to make everyone elses lives a misery.

    I think if “Jobseekers” allowance could only be claimed for 6 months and they had to find a job in that time or end up in a government run “Work house” they would soon be very busy,too busy to be going out and annoying people.The kids might even be at home making sure they get good grades to ensure they dont end up in the prison..I mean work house.

    too many generations of benfit claimants aswell,some going back to grandpa and his dole money,its a way of life for that scum and their slags,like thieving is aswell.

    Cant the government come up with virus (we have aids already and we know who thats aimmed at)that only kills fucking pricks??

    December 28th, 2006 at 01:20

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