April 13th, 2009

Name Your Price

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In an age when you can get half a squillion pounds for having your tit groped in the stationery cupboard, suffering horrendous injury to your feelings for being called a rude name or getting £400,000 for cutting your finger, it seems ever more difficult to get any kind of compensation for a just & proper cause.

Kevin Johnson was 22 years old & the father of a baby son when he confronted a group of youths outside his house who were keeping his baby awake.

As a result, he died from a stab wound to the chest. This was in Sunderland in 2007.

His father has been trying to get compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Agency ever since.

He has been turned down three times. He is trying to claim £11,000 for the loss of his son’s life. The reason given by the CICA for denying any compensation is because they have ruled that by leaving his home to confront the group he contributed to his own death!

Dean Curtis, who was 18 at the time, Tony Hawkes, 17 & Jordan Towers, 16, were all given life sentences for murder with a minimum tarif of 17,16 & 13 years.

A CICA spokesman said “We consider all available evidence in reaching our decisions, including relevant witness statements. If this evidence shows that a victim’s behaviour contributed significantly to the incident they were involved in, then we have to take that into account.”

This country truly has gone mad.

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  1. Tony F says:

    Perhaps I have gone mad, I am sure I just read, that he has been turned down for what is a rather trivial sum. Especially as it is his son’s life that was taken by criminals now incarcerated?

    April 13th, 2009 at 11:54

  2. Kevster says:

    The UK is obsessed with the rights of “defaulters”, not financial defaulters but people who do not contribute to society. I first noticed this in school – when I was sitting in maths trying to do very hard sums all the school disruptives were being taken canoeing. I used to watch them leave and return….double maths and double English for me!!! I always used to want to go canoeing but never got to go…all the “good” kids just used to get thrown a ball and told to play football.

    It’s only gotten worse since then. I know a family on a local estate. There are eleven of them, yes eleven, and none of them work. Father, mother and nine scum kids. The father is “on the sick” – got a bad back and nerves apparently. This does not stop him ruling the estate and beating up those who cross him or his tribe of scum kids. He has a new MPV courtesy of motability and a blue badge for the window. I can’t afford one. The other half and I both work opposite shifts on Response and have two six year old bangers together worth half of his car. I get to pay for his house and car as well as mine, oh and their healthcare and food.

    Now it appears that if you ask a gang of yobs to be quiet so you infant child can get some sleep you are responsible if they stab you….

    Support the crook and persecute the victim and while we are at it let’s vilify the police too, after all they are all a bunch of thugs who randomly assault and cause the death of perfectly innocent members of the public. I do that every day….I reckon I’ll assault an old woman tomorrow….spray her with CS. I love doing that.

    While we are at it let’s put someone with no experience of having to compel a person to do something by force, be it in the military, police or any other environment in charge of the police. Better still let’s engineer a system whereby most of the senior officers (ACPO) spend so little time doing the job that they can barely grasp its fundamentals and instead concentrate on what they do understand……politics.

    Sorry. I get annoyed.

    April 13th, 2009 at 12:39

  3. Dangerous says:

    Sometimes you think that you have heard it all, then something like this comes along!!

    April 13th, 2009 at 20:30

  4. MetAnon says:

    £400,000 for carelessly cutting your finger…when a service man/woman seriously injured serving their country overseas is lucky if they get half that.

    oh yes, something has gone very bloody wrong somewhere.

    April 13th, 2009 at 21:30

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