April 11th, 2009

A Nice Little Earner

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It’s nice to see public money being spent wisely. It’s also nice to see good work being recognised. What could be better than actually getting to combine the two?

Step forward the London Crown Prosecution Service who have just spent the princely sum of £56,000 by giving 224 of their staff a bonus for, er, turning up for work.

Back on Monday 2nd February only 224 out of the total of 1,400 CPS employees in London made it in to work. You’ll remember this day as the day the UK recieved the largest amount of snow in the entire history of the earth. As usual, the country ground to a complete standstill as people were forced to spend the day sitting on their arse or getting harassed by the old bill for taking photos of kiddies frollicking in the white stuff (surely that’s a whole different website? – Ed)

A spokesman for the Criminal Protection Service said the money from public funds was a reward to members of staff who had “gone the extra mile.” They got a £250 bonus in their March pay packets.

If you happen to be from the CPS outside London & turned up for work through the worst blizzards the world has ever known, then tough shit; you get bugger all. Clearly London CPS employees are more valuable than in the rest of the country.

The spokesperson didn’t say whether any wages were docked from those who couldn’t be arsed couldn’t make it in to work.

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