October 18th, 2006

Thoughts on 12 Hour Shifts

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I’ve mentioned before on this blog how I never cease to be amazed what people are searching for when they inadvertently darken the doorsteps of these humble pages.

A selection from today reveal  people looking for the Sharp End, innivotive businesses, (my poor spelling has me at No.1 in Google for that!), Managers doing frontline job BBC series, uk dogging blog, and police officers thoughts on 12 hour shifts.

I can only apologise to the people searching fr those items who ended up here hoping for enlightenment. As a poor second and in recompense for one of those lost souls I’ll offer my take on ‘police officers thoughts on 12 hour shifts’.


Er, that’s it really.


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  1. Matthew Humphries says:

    I see one of your blogging colleagues-Inspector Gadget-has been caught. Might be a good idea to make sure your tracks are well and truly covered-otherwise you might have a lot less than 200 weeks to go!

    “Handbook for Cyber-Dissidents” gives some very useful tips on how to stay undetected.

    Matthew Humphries (formerly SC 7008 South Wales Special Constabulary)

    October 20th, 2006 at 22:26

  2. cogidubnus says:

    12 hour shifts? Yes, definitely sounds shite (and there speaks a man who used to work 0900 to 0230 less two short breaks)…dogging? sounds ditto…but with my missus there’s nothing to lose…

    October 21st, 2006 at 03:47

  3. metjedi says:

    I’ve been doing 12 hours shifts for the last couple of years now, upside is for every day i work I get one off, downsides are – 20-22 hours long shifts are inevitable if things go tits up, overtime is practically non existent (3 days overtime since jan this year) and of course – non of my court dates have been during work time. However, having done 8-10 hour shifts I prefer 12′s, although I am shagged by the end of a set and need a day to sleep

    October 23rd, 2006 at 14:59

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