October 16th, 2006

Non-Muslim Story

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One thing they didn’t teach me at Bloggers’ School was how little time you get to actually do the blogging. I find  myself getting the best ideas for a blog at the worst times, such that by the time the best times come around I’ve forgotten what the bloody idea was in the first place and have to start again.

I know I should jot down ideas when inspiration strikes but it’s really hard to tell everyone to shut up while you make some notes in the middle of a pub fight.

I’m quite lucky in some respects at work in that I don’t work a busy city centre-type beat and I sometimes get a reasonable grub break, something my mates at the adjoining division rarely get. I sometimes put pen to paper during my break if the muse is willing and type it up when I get home, but just recently I’ve been form-filling more than usual. What with that and dealing with even more non-police work.

Reading round the other police blogs and forums it seems that everyone is talking about Muslims in one form or another. I think I’ll forgoe the trend as there really is too much. Someone commented this week on one forum, ‘is there any truth in the rumour this place is gonna be renamed Islam999, that’s all we seem to talk about’. Well, not round here. For a while.

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