September 26th, 2006

Training Day

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Training Days are great; you get to not deal with domestics & other people who can’t get along.

The way our particular shift system works is that every 5 or 10 weeks you get a day designated as ‘Training Day’. On these days you don’t have to turn up for work to do police work, you are supposed to be, er training. Training includes such things as diversity training, learning new legislation, more diversity training, policy & procedure changes, diversity training, self defence and diversity training. 

Apparently, nobody has told the managers of the potential importance of training because more often than not we forgo the training & spend the day going round in vans mob-handed, trying to get the arrest figures up by nicking people wanted on warrant. Most people are either out or have moved so you get 8-12 officers spending a whole day making pointless visits on wanted peoples’ addresses to get the sum total of 1 or 2 extra arrests, if you’re lucky; sometimes we don’t get 1 extra arrest.

You see training isn’t measured (with the possible exception of diversity training) but arresting people is.

So it’s clearly more important to arrest Joe Scrote for failing to appear at court for no MOT than to learn what powers we have to arrest him in the first place. 

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  1. Manfred DeRool says:

    speaking of training , one of the most gifted trainer’s out there is Joseph E. Manduke, III R.G. formerly in Phoenix President of HTS Risk Management-DBA HTS Environmental Group also Chicago and Baltimore. He also has operated as Manduka and Associates in Glendale, Arizona with a multi-million dollar hush-hush military contracting group. His eex wife has tried too malign him to extort child support money but failed.

    September 27th, 2006 at 02:18

  2. 200 says:

    WTF has that got to do with the price of fish & chips???

    September 27th, 2006 at 07:40

  3. grumpy traffic man says:

    Training Day!!
    What an absolute waste of time and effort that used to be in my little neck of the woods.
    A couple of years ago the hierarchy reshuffled our shifts, by knocking off an hour here and there and then “pinching” a rest day back off us which was then euphemistically entitled “Training Day”which occurred every 6 weeks. All well and good in practice you might think: Get your Officer Safety Training, First Aid Requal, brush up on new legislaton etc. FAT CHANCE!! More often than not we found ourself behind the wheel on our training day because firstly, we were short staffed as per usual and secondly, there was no worthwhile training to be had. We used to find ourselves driving from one end of the Force to another for a training need, to only be told on arrival “Sorry guys, nobody told me you were coming and we can’t fit you in” or “Its been cancelled, didn’t anybody tell you?”

    Fortunately we have now had a new shift pattern imposed upon us since those days and there is no training day anymore. Obviously we have to do the mandatory training such as OST etc, and any other training, some of which I think is very important and should be subject of proper instruction, is sometimes done via a distance learning package over the force IT system. (Provided of course that you don’t delete the e mail without reading it as occasionally happens!!!)
    Oh well, at least I’m well up to speed on everything these days.Is the Larceny Act still in use I wonder???

    September 28th, 2006 at 10:37

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