March 16th, 2009

Roosting Chickens

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It seems that Yousaf Bashir has upset a few people in Luton. You’ll remember Yousaf’s group, they’re the small group of Muslim ‘fundamentalists’ who called the Royal Anglian Regiment a bunch of child-killing murderers who should go to hell.

Yousaf lives in the town with his parents. It appears a group of anti-Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah fundamentalists have been so annoyed at Bashir’s antics that they’ve put a few windows in at Bashir’s home.

Whilst one can probably understand people’s disgust with this particular group, going round their house to put the fear of, er, Allah, into the chap has probably only resulted in smashing up his parent’s home, who probably have nothing to do with Bashir’s views, and have also put fear into every one else in the street who now wonder whether a bunch of errant vigilianties will put their windows in by mistake (they’re probably not the most intellgent folk – the smash-ors, not the smash-ees). Mind you. I suppose it wold be quite hard to mistake the Bashir’s property since seven of his neighbours in the cul-de-sac have put Union Jack bunting out of their windows.

Bedfordshire Police provided an overnight guard at the house after the damage on Friday night, when neighbours reported ‘suspicious activity’ the following day. Only Beds Police don’t call it a free 24-hour guard, they prefer to call it a ‘police watch‘ which doesn’t sound like they are providing any better service to the Bashir’s than they do to anyone else who gets their windows put in (which they actually are – I can’t recall anyone else getting a personal police officers stood outside the house for what in effect amounts to a couple of hundred quid’s worth of damage, even ‘normal’ victims of racial abuse/damage, don’t get this level of service.)

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