February 14th, 2009

Hold your tongue

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So there was a little fracas over Dutch MP, Geert Wilders, who wanted to come over to good old Blighty to show his film on how Islam & the Koran are linked to terrorism. He was invited by Lord Pearson who’d arranged a private viewing of the film within the House of Lords.

I’ve not seen the film, “Fitna“, although I understand it is freely available on the internet, so I have no real idea what it’s about or what message it gives. The official line is that his views promote racial disharmony. The Dutch fella is apparently being prosecuted back in Holland for inciting racial hatred, the catch-all offence for anyone who doesn’t slavishly follow the current ‘diversity’ agenda.

The government did what they do best; their answer to anything they don’t like is to ban it. They duly banned Mr Wilders, who turned up at Heathrow, waited around, and was put on a flight back from whence he came.

Had the government done what they’re actually very good at; letting anyone with a serious criminal past into the country, & let Mr Wilders in, nobody would have been any the wiser. But now he has been given national media attention & millions of people will have heard about him & what he stands for rather than just a few old Lords.

As I said, I don’t know what his message is & frankly, I don’t really care, but I think he probably should be able to say it. It’s almost like the government don’t trust us to make up our own mind & come to a decent decision ourselves, no, the nanny-state has to protect us from this ill lest we all go out & want to murder the nearest Muslim.

Strangely, Mr Wilders has visited the UK previously, not that long ago. He had no trouble getting into the country & his views & those in the film were known then, so I’m not sure what changed from his visit two weeks ago to this week.

One of the problems I have with this whole issue, apart from the fact that free speech has long been assigned to history (and yes I do believe people should be able to say things we don’t want to hear) is the total hypocrisy of a government who won’t let someone in to the country because of what they think, but will allow someone into the country who has a conviction for murder, only to discover that whilst here they commit another. And it’s not even as if that is a rare event. There are thousands of foreign, evil, scumbag criminals in this country who the government appear to tacitly welcome with open arms. Convicted murder or rapist? no problem, want to come over to sell women & run a nice little earner of a sex-slave small business? Come on in. Don’t speak too highly of an ethnic minority? Sorry mate, we don’t want your kind here, fuck off.

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