September 5th, 2006

That’ll learn ‘im

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In another triumph for the British judicial system, boxer Naseem Hamed was released from prison yesterday after serving just 16 weeks of a 15 month jail term.

Hamed was convicted in May 2006 of dangerous driving whilst showing off in his £325,000 mercedes-Maclaren. He overtook on double white lines on a blind summit and crashed at 90mph head-on into a vehicle being driven quite lawfully & correctly by Anthony Burgin, who was almost killed. His wife was also injured in the collision. Hamed then collided with the Mondeo he had been trying to overtake.

Hamed appears to be a serial offender having previously been banned for driving a Porsche at 110 on the M1 in Derbyshire. He also has 3 other convictions for speeding.

Mr Burgin may have been entitled to a small amount of satisfaction at the 15-month jail sentence dished out to Hamed for his reckless behaviour behind the wheel, however, he has been robbed of this by the current sentencing guidelines which allow an automatic reduction of 50% of the sentence with a further 25% reduction for those given a 12 – 18-month sentence if released on a home detention curfew.

In a crass display of insensitivity and conspicuous consumption, Hamed was collected from the front gates of the prison in a large Bentley and a gazzilion-foot long stretched limo. Offering his first thoughts for the victim since the trial, he then went on to whinge about missing the birth of his baby whilst serving the 16 weeks (tough shit sherlock).

He has now returned to his multi-million pound lifestyle while his victim still struggles with the ongoing recovery of his serious injuries.

Whilst I don’t necessarily agree that prison is the correct method of dealing with many offenders, I do understand how outraged Mr Burgin and the rest of society will feel at someone who serves less than a third of his sentence.

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