August 31st, 2006


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A low-life scum-sucking piece of shite otherwise known as Wayne Hewitt, 36, of Pennington, Hampshire has been jailed for 9 years for deliberately riding his motorcycle at PC Liz Parsonage. He was convicted of dangerous driving and wounding with intent when he aimed his motorbike at the officer who was struggling on the floor with a violent offender.

Footage of the horrendous attack was captured by city-centre CCTV & shown on the BBC News after the trial.

The officer suffered serious injuries & remains off work seven months after the attack. The human excrement convicted of the attack tried to claim he was drunk at the time and that his motorbike was out of control. Thankfully, the jury found his actions to be deliberate and convicted him.

It was then revealed to the court that he had 85 previous convictions, some of which were for violence against police including previously riding a bicycle at an officer.

Sadly this is but one example of a floating turd of society in a cess pool of scum. It’s pondlife like this that your taxes go to support and your MPs create rules & regulations to protect. Ask any victim of crime who they feel the ‘system’ protects and I doubt many will say the victim.

Let’s hope he spends whatever percentage of his sentence behind bars picking the soap up for Mr Big, or maybe someone will just flush him down the bog; I’m sure he’d feel right at home. Scum.

You can see the story & watch the CCTV here.

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