July 11th, 2006

Still About Turning

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The BBC News website is reporting further on the death of police mergers. 

It seems that Charles Clarke’s brainwave to merge as many police forces as he could get away with has all but been booted into touch, much like the man himself.

It was a poor concept borne of knee-jerk politics (as is so much government policy these days); poorly thought-out & inadequately resourced.

Meanwhile Charles Clarke continues promoting what he thinks is really important; Charles Clarke. Bring your boots next week son, you’ll get a game.

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  1. Bergerac says:

    My sentiments exactly. Seems Charles Clarke wanted to leave his mark at the HO, and is now throwing his toys out of the pram because the plans have been ditched. Another New Labour politican who is obsessed with ‘reform’ for the sake of change itself – whatever happened to ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’? I never bought the argument that the fight against ‘terrorism’ required forces to merge – the southeast maybe a target, but certainly not the fells of Cumbria or the tourist hotspots of Middlesborough !

    I wonder what other magic John Reid can work…..maybe cut the paperwork, scrap the PCSOs and spend the money on more bobbies ……. oh sorry I’m dreaming again!

    Great blog by the way :cool:

    July 11th, 2006 at 23:59

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