September 9th, 2005



Update February 2009

The below introduction was written nearly four years ago. As of February 2009, the 200 weeks was finally up & I retired from Her majesty’s finest, hung up my boots & truncheon, & walked away with my pension commutation & 30 years of rapidly fading memories.

Only I didn’t quite walk away. Against everything my brain & my heart were telling me, I ‘re-upped’ only this time as a civilian. I currently work in the force control room, doing exactly the same job as I ended my police career doing. This time I’m getting a full salary & a reasonable pension, so paydays are so much sweeter these days!

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August 2005

I’m just a regular police officer who has dedicated his entire working life to the police service and the public of the area I serve.

I’ve spent my entire service ‘in the trenches’ as a front-line officer. I’ve never gone for promotion preferring to spend my time dealing with the stuff I enjoy; wearing a blue suit & driving fast cars*!

I’ve got under 200 weeks to go before I retire. Although I love the elements of the job I joined for almost 30 years ago, the other stuff just makes we wish my retirement was closer. I can’t wait ’til the day I can say “I’m outta here”.

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* OK, so it’s not a blue suit these days, more a polo neck top and a body-armoured fleece, but it was a blue suit when I joined.